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Installation and Services Provided by B.E.S. Security Systems Inc.

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B.E.S. Security Systems offers quality, professional installation of security, fire alarms, camera surveillance, and home invasion protection systems.
We custom design systems based on your security system and fire alarm needs.
We also offer fire alarm and burglar alarm inspections and can survey your existing systems and protection level to make recommendations for changes and improvements.
Provide contract and subcontract installations and service for a host of national and regional security system and fire alarm companies.
24 Hour UL Listed monitoring for fire, burglary, medical, holdup and more.

Some of our services and installations include:

Fire Protection

  • Smoke Detection
  • Heat/Fire Detection
  • Manual Pull Stations
  • Sprinkler System Monitoring
  • Horn Strobe Notification
  • Fire Inspection Service
  • Let Us Survey Your Existing Fire Alarm System

Security Protection

  • Home Invasion Systems
  • Full Perimeter Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Interior and Exterior Audibles
  • Silent Holdup Alarms
  • Camera Surveillance

Other Products and Services

  • Wireless medical alerts
  • Intercom systems with built in video
  • Environmental sensors, carbon monoxide, natural gas, water leak detection devices
  • Live online viewing of cameras for your home or business
  • Cellular and internet communication options
  • Let us convert your existing monitoring service to B.E.S.!

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